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Welcome to As Safwah Online Quran Academy USA

Assafwah Online Quran Academy is a platform that is dedicated to helping people around the world understand the Arabic language, learn Holy Quran, and other Islamic learning by qualified female & male Quran Tutors in USA. It is a remarkable stage for online Quran classes which plays a very important role in empowering new Muslims.

Our school ‘Assafwah Academy ’ is situated in Brooklyn, New York. The classes are based on a daily, weekly, and/or evening schedule. We have faith in Islam as a religious conviction for the entire world. We are in search of means to spread the vision of Islam across diverse nations/communities. The Messenger (PBUH) said:

Assafwah online quran academy

“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it”

Our Courses:

We offer different courses for Arabic and Quran education which are specially designed for people of all ages. These courses include:

  1. Reading (Nazra Quran)
  2. Noorani Qaida
  3. Advance courses in Tafseer
  4. Arabic language 
  5. Life of the Prophet (PBUH) and Sahaba
  6. Quran Hifaz (memorization)

Our Vision

The vision of Assafwah  online Quran Academy is to avail operative and effective learning by the enthusiasm and teamwork of our highly competent tutors. This will ensure that our students can get online Quran classes inside a digital setting. The classes here are set up for one-to-one sessions with female and male Quran Instructors. In this manner we aim to produce competent learners. Our target is to pursue a ceaseless series of Arabic, Islam, and Quran learning by training every person who acquired this  knowledge to pass on it to other people as well.

Our Mission 

The mission of Assafwah Online Quran Academy is to cultivate the whole world with the understanding of Islamic education, Quran, and Arabic online. We also aim to produce pleasing and engaging content for kids and adults as we aid learners to learn Holy Quran effectively by using soft wares like zoom, skype etc. Furthermore, we continuously provide feedback to the parents about their children’s progress.

Affordable Quran Courses

We offer the right option for all those who are in search of the most reasonably priced courses. We provide affordable Quran courses to almost each and every student as our basic aim is just to spread the knowledge of the Quran. Teaching the Quran is an honorable deed and we are content to execute this act. If any of our students face difficulties in understanding and learning, we provide special devotion to her/him.  Rather, we just follow our student’s speed so they are comfortable and relaxed in pursuing Islamic studies. We provide a very trustworthy online podium to learners. Therefore, you don’t need to waste your money and time in choosing Quran centers or madrassas when we  are available for you as a learning center with flexibility, knowledge and experience.

Our Teachers

All our teachers and instructors are well educated and experienced in teaching Arabic, Quran, and Islamic education. Furthermore, we have a systematic  approach in training through which we encourage kids to learn. Thus, making it much easier and fascinating for children to learn the Quran. Our hiring procedure is remarkable. We have  male and female tutors. Each of our teachers goes through a series of interviews and an evaluation process along with a full background check. Thus ensuring that only the best get hired for our school. We have a team of the best Quran tutors in the USA.


Mualima Rafia Khan

Mualima Rafia Khan grew up in Maryland, USA, and has pursued learning and understanding the Quran from a young age. She is an Alimah, having completed a 6-year Alimah course in Islamic Studies and Theology with Darul Uloom New York, and a master's in Islamic Studies and Theology from Jamiatul Uloom, New York. She also has a master's in Islamic Studies from Jamia Binoria Aalimah, Pakistan. She has vast experience teaching various Islamic subjects and topics to students of all ages.


Hafiza Maria Naveed:

Hafiza Maria Naveed has studied and trained to be a Hafiza from Jamia Binoria Aalimah, Pakistan. She is also an Aalimah Fazilah from the same institute and has taught Quran tajweed to several students of all ages.