As Safwah Academy is a not for profit organization. We are not part of any group, Islamic organization or masjid. We welcome students from any background interested, in learning about Islam and the Quran.

We have developed a unique style of teaching Quran and Islamic education. Our distance learning courses utilize a unique online learning tool and combine ancient and modern methods of learning.
Study Quran and Islam online with our innovative online Islamic classes. Our team functions with the guidance of skilled and experienced Ustadahs (teachers).

Our dedicated team of teachers are trained to teach students from any background and culture.
We have evening classes, weekend classes, day time classes as well as one to one sessions.

Submit the registration form available on our website or call us. We will contact you via email or phone #. All registrations and inquires have a 24 hours response time. You can get a 3 day free trial, allowing you to evaluate our services. No payment is required during the free trial period.

Send us the registration form page. We will send to you information to join our class.

The school accepts all major credit card and pay pal to accept fee payments

We conduct small classes of 8-10 students per teacher. The small class size will enable students to get personalized attention.

Each class time is 40 mins

The class schedule will be 3 times a week.

At an agreed time, teacher and student come online. With the help of modern technology such as zoom, they talk to each other do screen sharing, allowing lessons to be viewed on the computer.

  • A smart phone / laptop/ personal computer
  • A broad band internet connection
  • A computer headset.
  • We use zoom meeting (easily down loadable on smart phone and computer)
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