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    The Companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are the esteemed personalities in Islamic history who were blessed to personally see the Holy Prophet(PBUH). They were his disciples, followers, or had personal contact with Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Assafwah Online Quran courses and classes present an actual image of the life of Sahabah. It will help in understanding the beliefs of Islam and relate them to present-day Muslim society.

    Best companions of the Prophet Muhammad:

    Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique, Hazrat Umar bin Khattab R.A, Hazrat Ali R.A, Hazrat Usman R.A, Hazrat Zaid bin Haris, etc., are the most esteemed companions of Prophet Muhammad. The true essence of the teachings and companionship of Prophet Muhammad reflect in their every step. Someone got the epithet of Al-Sidique (Truthteller), Al-Farooq (one who distinguishes right from wrong), and Saif-ul-Allah (Sword of Allah), thus depicting their strong bond with Islam.

    Way of living:
    An impeccable life full of simplicity and modesty was embedded in their roots. It said that Hazrat Ali(R.A) was bestowed with the epithet of Abu-Turab (Father of Dust) because he slept on bare land with a lot of dust on him. Wearing patched clothes, sleeping on bare land or palm mats, or brick pillow, and eating just bread depicts a small glimpse of their simplicity. Our Online Quran course and classes will help you to go through all of these narrations.
    1-Concept of worshipping Allah:
    The Sahabah used to worship Allah in the same way as the Holy Prophet did. They never tried to add or take away something from the method of worshipping (Biddah). Their concept of worshipping Allah was not just limited to offering prayers; in fact, it was woven into their day to day living.
    3-Knowledge seekers:
    They always tried to excel in collecting the pearls of knowledge from the Holy Prophet(PBUH). They used to walk miles to seek knowledge. They valued their teachers as a king and considered themselves as their servants.
    Hazrat Ali said:
    “If someone taught me even a single word, I considered myself a slave to him.”
    It shows their quest for knowledge and penned down the Whole Quran as read by the Holy Prophet(PBUH). Quran memorization was a penchant for the companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
    For the companions of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), Masjid was more than a place to worship and offer prayer. They used to practice different skills like swordsmanship in the masjid. They used to discuss political matters, world affairs and the other issues concerning Muslims in the masjid.
    5-A perfect society:
    Delving into their life tells the secrets of staying firm on imaan in calamities and how to live a life of brotherhood and fraternity. We learn to establish an interest-free, honest, peaceful, and just society by following their examples. To understand an authentic Islamic way of life, join our Online Quran course and classes at
    6-Perfect rulers:
    They set the perfect example of how to rule the world according to Islamic ways. By following them, we learn how to build a just and peaceful society despite poverty, lack of human resources, and global hostility. We also know how to supply food to the poor, hungry people living in different corners of the country.
    7-Extraordinary sacrifices:
    Hazrat Hamza-beloved uncle of the Holy Prophet's body, was cut into pieces in the battle of Uhud, and Hazrat Bilal was forced to lay on burning coals. Hazrat Abu Bakar migrated with the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and sought refuge in the cave, and Hazrat Umar devoted half of his wealth at the time of the battle of Tabuk. The boycott of Sheeib-e-Abi Talib ( Valley of Abi Talib) and many other incidents are full of the painful sacrifices of the companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
    The role of companions of the Holy Prophet ﷺ in shaping a decisive and well-oriented early Islamic society deserves to be written in golden words in Islamic history. Unfortunately, instead of following their footsteps, we are lost in the darkness of atheistic beliefs.