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To memorize Quran is the thing that completely depends upon the mental abilities of one. But to learn Quran through online Quran memorization classes is something different and has different dimensions being talked about.

This article will give you a wholesome view of how to learn the Quran faster through online classes through different aspects.

Online Quran memorization

Allah Almighty says,

فَٱذْكُرُونِىٓ أَذْكُرْكُمْ وَٱشْكُرُوا۟ لِى وَلَا تَكْفُرُونِ

so remember Me, and I shall remember you; and be grateful unto Me, and deny Me not

So, in the present situation, the online market has grown to an extent that never has been seen before in history. This rapid shift along with the change in medium has revolutionized the world in many ways.

Where everything is going online, the system of learning has also got innovation. Online academies are running for the students to keep them intact with learning at home.

Also, online Quran classes are running for students throughout the world.

Online Quran classes in the USA

Assafwah online Quran academy in the USA is having qualified ulama to teach students systematically. They are well equipped to deal with students online. Their online system is developed and maintained.

They provide a vast number of course plans to their students like tajweed, dawra e Quran, taleem darasaat e deeniya, and kanzul Quran.

The academy is having a reasonable course fee to enroll, hence encouraging people to learn Quran online.

Quran memorization course by Assafwah academy

Tahfeez ul Quran is the course that provides you with quality services regarding Quran memorization.

The qualified teachers will introduce you step by step to the process of Quran memorization.

Memorizing Quran in online classes requires an extra conscious approach from the learner as distance learning leaves gaps.

So to learn Quran online is made easy by Assafwah online Quran academy in the USA.

How to memorize Quran online

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is to be regular in online Quran memorization classes. Secondly, take time to see your abilities like what quantity of syllabus would you be able to cover in a particular time.

Make yourself content enough to make the decision once and then stuck to it.

Once you have made the stamina you will do it easily. The third significant thing is to be consistent in your daily schedule work. Your consistency will make you the best among others.

Yet learning online demands one being active through the sessions. The session altogether is of about 45 minutes and this is the time you need to cover all your confusion.

Try asking questions where you get stuck. Students who feel shy in asking their queries to the teachers can not earn good repute in the class.

Cognitive abilities in learning Quran online

Online Quran classes are something different for the children and the adults as well, so they feel excited interacting through a different medium.

This is also true that besides everything the cognitive abilities which simply mean your mental capabilities, play a significant role.

If you are interested in learning Quran online, it will still be difficult for you in the start but once you get attuned to it it will become your routine. It is a usual perception among the society that the children who do not perform well in academic education, should be put to memorize Quran.

Benefits of memorizing the Quran

Memorizing Quran enhances the mental growth evidently and also makes you spiritually strong. It is a diving knowledge that blesses you with internal and eternal enlightenment.

Your memorization capabilities get polished. The people who seem mentally retarded before this holy treatment find themselves actively involved in what is going on around them.

Online Quran memorization classes have benefits of their own.

The one who memorizes Quran has good news and reward from Allah. He will have the crown of dignity for his father as he made his child learn Quran.

The one who memorized the Qur’an shall come on the Day of Judgement and says: ‘O Lord! Decorate him.” So he is donned with a crown of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Give him more!’ So he is donned with a suit of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So He is pleased with him and says: “Recite and rise, and be increased in reward with every Ayah

Benefits of memorizing the Quran

Online learning has provided the community with ease that they can learn at home. Ladies do not have to go outside for learning.

It is also beneficial for elderly people who want to pursue adult education. Online Quran classes by AsSafwah academy also provide evening classes so if you can schedule classes at the time of your availability.

Moreover, the classes run throughout the week except for Friday.

Fast memorization factors

Whether the class is virtual r physical the effort you need to put in will always be by you. So stay focused on the daily lessons.

If you are not comfortable with certain things try to get them resolved first and then pursue your online learning. Your internet connection should be fast and should not fluctuate while the class.

If there is some electricity issue by your side, manage spare devices for uninterrupted communication with your teachers. Online Quran memorization classes provide you with the syllabus you are going to cover in the course.

You can make yourself ready for it beforehand.

Online Quran memorization classes

Online Quran classesare a rich source of learning for one if one considers its benefits.

Assafwah online Quran academy has experiential faculty who knows what problems beginners face. The course has been designed for people of all ages. Which ultimately hints that it never burdens the learners.

The solemn attitude of a learner urges the tutor to make absolute efforts for him. Online Quran memorization classes are provided only by few platforms as it is a matter of responsibility and you can not leave once you start.

Neither one wishes to leave as it got the charm and holy blessings that make you cope with it.

Not necessarily you are bound to start memorizing Quran directly. First, start with short verses which you need to recite before start working before you drink water and others which come under the umbrella of Masnoon duaen.

Secondly, once done with them, you can start a slightly long surah. Like Surah Yaseen, Darood, and Darood e tanjina, these are slightly longer as compared to duas.

You can check and enhance your memorizing capabilities this way. To learn Quran online hence becomes easier if one follows the course and the guidelines communicate through this article.


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