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A Muslim can efficiently memorize the Quran if he follows some memorization tips. In Islam, a person who memorizes the Quran Is called the Hafiz (guardian or memorizer) of the Quran. The first memorizer of the Quran was the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). We will discuss the secret tips and benefits on Memorization of the Holy Quran

 Secret Tips which help  in the memorization of the Holy Quran

  1. Memorize the Quran with consistency
  2. Role of revision
  3. Selection of scholar or teacher for memorization
  4. Staying away from sins
  5. Proper sleep
  6. Suitable time and place

1) Memorization of the Holy Quran with consistency

We can memorize if we recite with consistency. Because maintaining consistency is a sign of your love for ALLAH and is a sign that you are loved by ALLAH (SWT). Imam ibn Hajar al Asqalani said, “the one who constantly reads the Quran gets his tongue used to it and so reading becomes easy for him, but when he abandons it reading it becomes very heavy for him and difficult.

2) Role of revision

If a person covets long-term memorization of the Holy Quran, then  he or she should revise the verses of the Quran on a daily basis. The revision of the Quran plays an integral role in long-lasting memorization of the holy book .  If a Hafiz follows certain points in revision he has fair chances for a  durable memorization.

  •  Recite  and revise while looking once
  • Then recite without looking once
  • Correct mistakes (explain)
  • Recite to teacher

In the method of  memorization, Hafiz can also follow two groups of revision.

i) Current Juzz revision

In the current revision, the latest 10 pages (right before Sabaq). Each  page should be  revised 10 times before becoming the previous juzz revision.

ii) Previous Juzz revisions

For previous juzz revision, revise earlier Quranic pages and all of you have memorized so far between 10-15 days.

3) Selection of scholar or Tutor in memorization of the Quran

In the memorization of the Quran, the teacher has a huge role. Before the starting of memorization of the Quran, first of all, be careful in the selection of Quran tutors.

A knowledgeable teacher proves beneficial in the Quran memorization.  It has been narrated by Uthman that the Prophet(PBUH)said that the best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it. (Bukhari) 

4) Staying away from sins

This tip will help you in the memorization of the Quran. Because when a person memorizes it, sins cause us to lose our mind  and weaken our memory.

According to scholars “sin” is like darkness and “light” is the blessings of ALLAH.  If a person stays away from sins then ALLAH will bless him  and more and provide the ability of virtues and good deeds.

5) Proper Sleep

One of the secret tips to memorize the Quran is to take proper sleep. It proves beneficial for quick learning. Because when our mind will be fresh then we have a fair chance for quick memorization of the Holy Quran.

If a Hafiz does not sleep well, he feels lightheaded, drowsy, and dizzy, thus hindering his ability to read the Quran.

6) Role of best time and place

When a person starts memorizing the Quran then proper place and time play an important role.  Because memorization of the Quran is not a child’s play, in fact  it is a hard job. And without proper management, no one can do it. According to a survey, “the best time of learning is considered early morning and after Maghrib” because in early morning our mind is fresh and after Maghrib, we have done some activities and workout which makes us healthy, fresh and energetic.

And when we memorize the Quran we should set up a separate place. Disturbance and noise make it harder to achieve long–term memorization of the Quran.

Benefits of the memorization of the Holy Quran According to Hadith

  1. The highest honor for the parents of the memorizer of the Quran
  2. The best person is one who learns the Quran  and teaches it.
  3. The memorizer of the Quran is worthy of envy in this world
  4. The memorizer of the Quran will be saved from the fire of hell

1) The highest honor for the parents of the memorizer of the Quran

ALLAH(SWT)  gives a lot of advantages to a person who memorizes the Quran. Our religious leaders also elaborate on the value of Hafiz. It was narrated that Burayadah said that:

Prophet(PBUH) said

“Whoever reads the Quran, learns it and acts by  following it, on the day of resurrection his parents will be given a crown to where whose light will be like the light of the sun, and his parents will be given garments which far surpass, anything to be found in this world. They will say, why have we been given this to wear?  It will be said because your child learned the Quran”

2) The best person is he who learns the Quran & teaches it

It is our responsibility to recite and learn the Quran. Because the Quran is an everlasting book and Muslims are the preacher of Islam and the Quran.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that;

“The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it” (Sahi Al- Bukhari)

3) The memorizer of the Quran is worthy of envy in this world

A memorizer of the Quran is worthy of envy in the world. Ibn Amar reported that the Prophet(PBUH) said that “there is no cause to be envious except in two cases: (the first is of  ) person whom ALLAH has taught the Quran, and he recites it in the day and night, and one of his neighbors hear him and says, woe to me! I wish I had been given what he has been given, and then I would do what he is doing! (The second is of ), a person whom ALLAH has blessed with wealth, and he spends it in good causes, so a person says, woe to me! I wish I had been given, and then I would do what he is doing!”

4) The memorizer of the Quran will be saved from the fire

 Ismah Ibn Maalik reported that the Prophet(PBUH) said: “if the Quran is enclosed by skin (i.e, if a person memorizes the entire Quran), then ALLAH (SWT) will never burn it in the fire of hell” (Al- Bayhaqee)


On  doomsday, the ones who memorize the Quran  will be awarded a gold crown. And his/her family will be blessed in heaven. When a person is trying to memorize the Quran, his connection with the ALLAH (SWT) becomes strong. The memorization of the Quran  boosts our faith and cleanses our hearts from Satan and evil spirits.


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