a quran with a blue cover sitting on top of a prayer mat with an intricate pattern. on top of the quran is set of brown prayer beads

Do you want to know about what the Quran is and what the rights of the Quran upon Muslims are? Actually the Quran is an intercession from God to Muslims, and this intercession will be available till the last breath of Muslims.

A Muslim believes that the Quran is the last book of God, and the guidance that has come from Allah (SWT) through the prophets;its last expression is the Quran.

The words of the Quran are written by Allah (SWT). Muslims have received Quran from two highly respectable personalities one is Jaberial (AS) and second are our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Muslims also believe that it is an authentic book. In Surah “Shuara” Allah (swt) says that.

“It is a message, it is a book sent gradually through God who is owner of the entire universe, or sustainer and lord.”(192)

Importance of Quran for a Muslim

The Quran guides Muslims about each and every aspect of life, like the rights of women, neighbors, non muslims such as jews and christians, political issues, religious values and many others. If we utilize these aspects in our daily life.

We can prove to be successful in both worlds. Muslims believe in the Quran and all the things which are written in the Quran to be 100 % true.

What does the Quran say about the followers of Islam

  1. Have faith in God and Quran
  2. Erudition  of Quran in depth
  3. Teach Quran
  4. Memorize Quran
  5. Cover sheet for The Quran
  6. Recite the Quran daily
  7. Recite according to the symbols of Quran
  8. Avoid those things which are forbidden
  9. Read the Quran with Tajweed

Have faith in God and Quran

When we recite the Quran we show that we have blind faith in Allah and his book the Quran. We believe that “none but ALLAH is worthwhile of worship Muhammad (PBUH) is his messenger.

Learn the Quran in depth

An integral part of the faith as a Muslim is when the Quran is recited we should be able to understand its meaning and implications. Reciting a verse of the QURAN is better than a hundred rakats of prayer. Allah (Swt) says that if you recite a word of the Quran with heart and soul then I will give you 10 cardinal virtues per word.

During the recitation if we look at the explanation of words then we should be able to comprehend the Quran and hence practice Islam to its fullest.

Recite Quran with Tajweed

The important right of Quran is recite it as it is our holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) has told Muslims to do. If we really want to improve the recitation of the Quran then try to recite with tajweed.

Teach Quran

The fundamental right of the Quran is to circulate in the world through Quran teaching. No doubt teaching is the best profession of all. Our prophet gives the first priority to teaching. Our Holy prophet (SAW) said that

“Teach without chiding. Teachers are preferable to the scolders.” He also said “give leniency to those whom you teach and those who learn from you “.

Memorization of the Quran

Memorization of the Quran is not difficult for a true lover of Allah and his prophet. ALLAH has great reward on the memorization of the Quran.

Allah (SWT) says that “A hafiz will prove a source of forgiveness for their family.”

And we have indeed made the Quran easy to understanding and remember, then is there any that will remember (or receive admonition)…….(al qamar_17)

Arrange cover sheet

It is important to protect the Quran . After the recitation of the Quran try to cover it  with a sheet or a piece of cloth, so as to protect it from dust

Recite Quran daily

It is an important rights of Quran to recite the Quran on a daily basis. While reciting the Quran on a daily basis, our soul feels peaceful. If we make a habit to read a page of the Quran on every single day, then we can earn countless virtues.

Avoid the forbidden

Some forbidden things in Islam

  • Avoid Haram Meal
  • Don’t Lie
  • Don’t use Drugs
  • Avoid Gambling
  • Avoid backbiting and Slander

These things are strictly forbidden in the Quran.We should follow these important points if we want to spend our life according to the teachings of Islam.

Recite according to symbol

When reading the Quran we must follow the symbols of this holy book. The symbol of (meem) means, we have to stop.

Next symbol (laa) is the exact opposite of (meem) which means we do not stop during recitation or reading.

During recitation (three dots) means we can stop either or continue reciting Next symbol is ( sil) which means the reader can continue.

Second last is (qil) and it is the exact opposite of (sil) which means that it is preferable to stop. And the last symbol of the Quran is (jeem)it means that you either go or stop.


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