Importance and the benefits of Surah Al Waqiah

Surah Al Waqiah has an immense consequence in the Quran because in this surah ALLAH (SWT) describes the day of doomsday. In Surah Al-waqiah Allah(SWT) selected the surah name (WAQIAH) because” waqiha” means an incident and that incident will happen one day. And ALLAH (SWT) proves it by his blessings like the Earth, Sky, Mountains, and Rivers.  On the day of judgment, all these things will turn into little pieces.

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Introduction of surah Al Waqiah

According to the revelation, surah Al Waqiah comes at the 46th number and is called a Makki surah.  This surah consists of 3 Rakus and 96 verses. It is also known as surah of wealth. in surah Waqiah ALLAH (SWT) describes three types of people:

  •  One who believes in ALLAH (SWT)(they goes to paradise)
  • The Non-believers (they will fall into hell)
  • The true believers (they are the leaders in heaven)

Let’s talk about the benefits of surah Al Waqiah

  • Financially stability
  • Removal of Drought
  • Prosperity comes 
  • Reminder about immortal life
  • Solution for poverty

1) Financial stability

 No one likes  poverty in life. If a person recites Surah Al Waqiah on a daily basis then he has a 100 percent chance to increase financial stability. The holy prophet said that; Surah Waqiah is the surah of wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children. This surah plays  a big role in increasing wealth.

2) Removal of drought

 Removal of drought is possible, with the recitation of surah Waqiah. If a person recites surah waqiah three times by sitting at the same place then ALLAH (SWT) removes drought and there will be rain. The recitation of surah Waqiah proves that ALLAH I is the best sustainer and ALLAH gives the solution to every problem in the HOLY QURAN.

3) Prosperity comes

Recitation of Surah Al Waqiah can bring wealth in our life. If a person recites surah Waqiah on a daily basis at least one time ALLAH(SWT) blesses that person with prosperity. Our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) said that” whoever recites surah Al waqiah at night  he would never encounter poverty.”

4) Reminder about immortal life

 When a person recites surah Al Waqiah, his trust is stronger. When we recite Surah Waqiah we are assured of the blessings of GOD and   the reminder that this world is an artificial place. One day we will be responsible for our actions which we have  performed. That day will be when ALLAH (SWT ) said that when the earth is shaken with convulsion, and the mountains are broken down crumbling.

5) Solution to poverty

If a person wants to become a rich person and increase his wealth, then the recitation of surah Al Waqiha  is to be done daily.  According to our scholars, if a person recites surah Al Waqiha in between the prayers of Maghrib and Eshaa then he can avail the special opportunity of GOD blessing.

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If a person recites surah Al Waqiha, he has advantages in  this life and the hereafter.In short, surah Waqiha is an easy surah of the Quran. We can recite it in just 5 to 7 minutes. And it will help in those moments when we need support.


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